Your audience

has some value

How much is your audience worth? eMotionTank offers a full range of interactive advertising formats (pre, mid and post roll) to enhance its value.
eMotionTank will advise you on the right partners and adserving technologies tailored to your audience.

Your images and data

have some value

The technological evolution generates new opportunities for new economic models: VOD, Geolocation, live streaming, Smartphones, tablets, represent new sources of profit for your businesses. eMotionTank proposes you to make money out of it.
Additionally, our media partners will allow you to enrich your applications with captive content (sports, news, tips,..).


your ROI

The accuracy of the data generated from the distribution of Rich Media applications represents an amazing supply of information. Detailed analysis and interpretation work allow turning data into intelligence.
With state-of-the-art data measurement tools, eMotionTank helps you to reach your objective of enriching your project.