Telling your story

using images

Scenic design, script, storyboard… Turning a predominantly written communication into a lively communication should respect uses, codes, and a creative adapted approach.
eMotionTank assists you in the conception and the visual expression of your talents and helps you to deliver your messaging using a booming communication medium.


high quality

Filming, stage, cameras, sound, director,… Video production requires the right know-how. For each project, eMotionTank uses the A/V gear and the crew that best fit your needs.
Thanks to its National Network of Video Producers consisting of 40 partners, eMotionTank can fulfill a national demand everywhere (including DOM – TOM), and similarly in Europe in record time.


through editing expertise

Video editing is also an essential step in the production process.
eMotionTank brings special attention to tell your story better. More powerfully.
Beyond editing, eMotionTank skilled technicians will assist you in the technical choices about coding, selecting the right player, the right dissemination platform.