Media Planning



an opportunity to disseminate

Delivering emotionally resonating messaging to the right consumer, at the right time, using the right medium, was still a dream some years ago.
The wonderful opportunity that now represents the geolocation applies to all sectors or almost. Let’s find together the best use of this technology which, if properly exploited, constitutes a new source of profit for your business.


social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, … If properly exploited – and only then – social networks will be a great way to give a broader dimension to your communication.
eMotionTank assists you to use social networks in accordance with the rules of community communication and using the right values for each network.


the right technical solutions

Smartphone, Tablet, Intranet, Internet, webTV, network,…, eMotionTank delivers a solution tailored to your needs.
From the choice of the player to the most appropriate video bitrate, eMotionTank technicians will provide their insight for an optimal realization and full support to your project.