your digital strategy

A digital strategy needs to integrate all the parameters that make up our environment from technology to behavioral and social elements, and marketing.
eMotionTank provides both marketing and technological skills in order to design a digital strategy that is up to date thanks to its inquisitive view of the world.



eMotionTank goes beyond technology and invents concepts integrating creativity, marketing and technology.
Proactively or on demand, eMotionTank will surprise you with its innovative solutions simply because they will leverage technology and not only use technology for the sake of it.


the right technological solution

Shared business platforms, curation, Smartphone applications, Intranet, screen networks, webTV… Today’s marketer has to wrestle with a plethora of new platforms, channels, and delivery medium.
eMotionTank will help you to choose the best technological solution fitting an optimized budget thanks to its expertise as being on top of technology trends.